Library Book 101

Our Brayden may grow up to be a librarian. If anything he could at least teach a Library Book 101 class. He takes his library books very seriously! In fact everyone in this house takes reading seriously. I love to read, always have. My husband calls me a book-worm and it’s one of the best compliments anyone could ever give me. Reading is important to me and I’m so dang thankful it is important to our kids too. We read together every night and they love it!

Last year when Brayden started Kindergarten he came home with his first library book and was so excited! Before he would even hand it over to me he made sure to tell me all the library book rules. “Jess you hafta turn the pages from the top, and you have to keep the book up high so little kids don’t get it. You can never spill things on it or tear the pages and never ever let your dog or cat scratch it!” Library book 101 hasn’t ended yet and we are half way through first grade! Every Monday night he reviews the rules with us before we read the library book!

While his Library Book 101 skills are fabulous and he cares for those books better than some people care for children he has to be the absolute WORST at picking library books. He brings home the craziest books. 47 page books about the US Navy, long pictureless books about the history of boat making and a book about the formation of state of Kansas that put us all to sleep. He has also brought home about 12 books about Moth Man, Big Foot, and the Lockness Monster. Now if he was actually interested in any of the above topics I’d be all for it. But we started reading his lousy book picks and two pages in and he is asleep! Except for the Moth Man books, those he stays up and listens to every word of. Then about 2:00 in the morning I find him curled up sleeping beside us because he had a bad dream about Moth Man. UGH!

Since the start of the school year I’ve been encouraging him to pick a real story book. He insists the school library has none. So I have asked him for weeks to ask his teacher or the librarian to tell him where the Fiction section is and pick a book from there. Ask for Fiction!!! You stay awake for Fiction! Oh they don’t have any he insists.

Until last night! Something magical happened. He opened his book bag and said “Look Jess, I went to Non Fiction and got a real story book!” My heart sunk until I looked. Sweet Jesus! That child finally got a real story! He insists it was from Non Fiction but it’s wasn’t! It’s an actual story! He stayed awake to read it twice last night. I about kissed his face off! Praise God! A book that isn’t about tooth pick carving, the origins of Celtic clans, or lint sculptures! He was so excited about his actually story book that he begged me to let him make a video. So here it is folks. Library Book 101 with Mr. Brayden!

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  1. Debbie Smith says

    As a former librarian I love his video. I think he did a wonderful job of library 101. I hope he always loves to go to the library

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