Plant It

Plant It
It’s a Sylas K kind of weekend at our house. One kid weekend is so chill! I feel like that is when I get caught up on everything. Today Sylas was in a particularly happy mood. I think he was on best behavior because he really wanted to get flowers to plant.

So off we went to get get flowers. Tomato plants were buy one get one free this weekend so I wanted to get a couple of those too. But we couldn’t decide on just two so we ended up with six of those! Sylas usually eats all the neighbors cherry tomatoes so this year I got him three different kinds of cherry tomatoes to grow himself. Maybe we can gift a few extra back to the neighbors.

Since I’m a sucker we also ended up with some green pepper plants, watermelon, and strawberries. I’m really hoping that we can get the strawberries to grow. I love fresh strawberries. I’m a bit skeptical about the plants. Our yard is super small and doesn’t get the best light. There are a feel spots that get full sun. So instead of a traditional garden we have everything in pots sitting in those select sunny spots in our yard. It looks a bit odd. But then we are a bit odd so who cares right! We are growing food!

Sylas totally flirted with the girl at the greenhouse. He really wanted to water the plants there. Water the plants is ALWAYS is favorite part of gardening. Sensory boy loves water! His flirting worked and while I finished shopping he stayed busy watering the flowers and “working”. He asked if we could go back tomorrow so he could do it again. Why do I have a feeling we will be there frequently watering flowers? Hey at least it is free entertainment and it’s not on my water bill right?!?

I usually buy tons of flowers but this year I decided we really need to focus on growing food. It save money and is a good learning experience for the kids. We did get some red and white petunias to put in my grandpa’s old wheelbarrow. Sylas wanted to marigolds to put in it but I told him petunias were the only flowers that grow in the wheelbarrow. My grandma planted petunias in there and then my mom did and now I do. Anything but a petunia in that wheelbarrow just wouldn’t make sense!

He did most of the planting when we got home and of course did all the watering. Such a good helper today! I just might be able to keep him a few more days. Next weekend I think we may go back and get some more veggie plants. I’d like some broccoli and cauliflower and lettuce and spinach. I think all of those would grow okay in pots. Someday I swear we will have a big backyard again and I will have a huge garden! Until then we will just do with what we have.

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