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The Post I Never Wanted to Write

I have written this post about 14 different ways. I’ve tried to be insightful, honest and funny. I tried the blunt approach and then a version that sugar coated everything. Heck I even thought about just not writing a post at all. Several of my friends have advised that no post is just not an option. So hear goes it.

The hubs and I are getting a divorce.

Not really the post I ever wanted to write. Not my plan just 18 short months ago. But it is what it is. There really isn’t any way to make it look pretty or funny-it is neither.

What I do know is that for as much he and I are hurting our children are hurting more. They unfortunately pay the highest price for our choices.

Sylas K and I have already moved. We are starting our new adventure. While I know I may not be that good at the marriage thing I know I’m great at the single mom gig. Sylas K and I are a great team!¬† He will always be my biggest love affair.

I know things will be tough for awhile. But I also know that our kids know how very loved they are. They know they will forever be our top priority. I also know that the laughter will return. Pain is temporary.

I will never discuss the details of our divorce online. It’s not my game. I don’t do drama especially when it could involve or harm my kids. Sylas K has been blessed to have a dad in his life that loves him unconditionally. That is a relationship that I will always encourage and nurture.

Divorce is messy, no one ever wins, but I don’t want our kids to lose more than necessary‚Ķ

Now I’m off to reinvent myself again. I’m starting to get good at this.

Hold on for the ride folks. The laughter will be back soon.

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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a bit now, but haven’t commented until now. Just wanted to say you all will be in my prayers as you face the road and its many turns in the days ahead. the reasons should not matter to those of us who read your blog… only that we know you have a good head on your shoulders and a good outlook about it all. Blessings to you, dear.
    Diana recently posted…Praying for a good outcomeMy Profile

  2. David Allman says:

    Oh, kiddo… Big hugs and prayers for you and Sylas K. You know the drill if you need anything.

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