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About Me

I’m Jessie, the laughing lady behind this blog.  I’m a mom to a wonderful little boy that I adopted at birth. He fills my life with love, laughter and shenanigans. We are learning to live and thrive in spite of the alphabet soup of challenges he has been diagnosed with. Think FASD, ADHD, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, blah blah blah.

When I’m not tending to his needs, looking for lost socks or trying to remember where in the world my sanity went I’m working full-time as a news reporter. Yep! I get to write every single day and get paid for it!

Beach Collage

I love blogging and connecting with other people.  I’m passionate about raising awareness about adoption as well as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other special needs.  Both my son and I were adopted at birth and have open relationships with our biological families.  My motto is Life is Serious.  You don’t have to be.  My life is pretty complicated and filled with serious issues however I strive to find the humor in it all.  Finding the laughter and joy in everyday life is a choice I make each and every day!  I invite you to come and laugh along with me.



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