Adoption #2

It is time to pursue adoption #2! After eight years of waiting I figure it is probably time to get this going. Sylas K has only been begging for a sibling for years. I never knew children got baby fever until Sylas. He is desperate for a sibling. Having a baby is pretty much his obsession and that movie Storks didn’t help us out any.


So I’ve contacted our adoption agency to start the home study process. Yippee for paperwork! I’ve been busy applying for grants to help fund this but haven’t heard back on anything yet. I still have some money with the agency from a failed adoption back when I was adopting the first time. And I’ve saved several thousand more. However, I’m still about $8,000 short of the final amount.

I’ve had several people ask how they can help. I hate to ask for help but I’m ready to move forward and hate to keep putting it off. I don’t want there to be more than a 10 year gap between Sylas and the new baby. So I am humbly asking for help.

How you can help

  1. Pray, send good vibes, cross your fingers or do a baby rain dance. Adoption is such a long process and can be really stressful. Also please keep our future birthparents in your thoughts. I struggle so much with knowing that what will bring our family great joy is a loss for another family.
  2. You can buy one of our fun adoption shirts. All proceeds from shirt sales goes right to our adoption fund.  900_45238aa0-aadf-482b-bbc1-fa5233000355_bb157a44-a0cc-4c0f-961c-8fe788e3b879_aae036c4-f36f-4c5f-b376-e0e694320656
  3. Use my Amazon links. I have amazon links all over the blog. If you click through the Amazon links on my site I will earn a small amount on anything you purchase. It doesn’t cost you a penny more but can really add up to help fund our adoption. You don’t have to purchase the item shown in the link. You can purchase any item on Amazon and it will help me out. Your Christmas shopping could easily add $10 to our fund.
  4. Donate through our youcaring adoption link. You caring is an awesome site that is for crowd funding but they don’t keep any of the donations unlike other crowd funding sites. Perfect for adoption fundraising! 
  5. Share our story with others. Most adoptions happen when a friend of friend knows someone. Feel free to share with others that I am hoping to adopt. You never know, you could help me find our match!

I so appreciate your help — both financial and emotional. I’m really hoping this adoption goes much smoother than the journey it took to bring Sylas home. Thank you so much!!!

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