Adoption is a huge part of our story as a family.  My parents adopted me when I was 10 days old.  My adoption was closed until I was 15.  At 15 I was reunited with birth family.  My adoption has remained open since that time.  To read more about my relationship with my birth mom take a moment and read A Real Adoption Love Story.

baby sylas

I made the decision to pursue an open domestic adoption in 2007.  After three failed adoptions and 18 months I was blessed with my son Sylas K.  I adopted Sylas K as a single mother.  His adoption is open and we maintain contact with his birth family.  Sylas K is an amazing little guy that is the light of my life.  Sylas K does have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Sensory Integration Dysfunction.  He also happens to be incredibly intelligent and funny.  I can’t image my world without him.

When Sylas K was 3 I met a wonderful man that already had 5 children.  We married in October of 2012 and blended our family.  We now have a 6 pack of kids and are in the process of adopting number 7.  We are also in the process of completing our foster care licensing so we can provide temporary care for children that need it.

I am passionate about all children having forever families. I am a huge advocate of foster care adoption. I truly believe that Adoption Is Our Responsibility!
If you have questions about adoption or would like to share your adoption story please contact me!