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Ultimate Blog Party 2013
Seriously I love a good party!  And I love good blogs.  So why not take part in the 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party!  Please just keep your clothes on while you read!  I don’t party like that anymore!
If you are visiting Then I Laughed for the first time let me fill ya in on a little bit about me and this blog.  I have had some type of blog since 2003.  However, I began Then I Laughed in October of 2011 shortly after my house burnt down.  You can read my first post about why I was laughing here.  
Prior to the house fire I was a single mom to one wonderful little boy Sylas K!  I adopted Sylas K at birth.  You can read more about how adoption has changed sculpted our family in the adoption section listed above.  Shortly after the house fire I met my now husband Ray.  He was cute and delivered my new furniture.  By the time our new apartment was filled with things Sylas K and I were madly in love with him and his 5 kids.  We were married one year to the day of the house fire.  
We now live in a very small townhouse filled with a lot of people. These kids drive me crazy and make me laugh every day.  I blog about their crazy adventures, how I try to stay sane, what makes me laugh, and everything in between.  We are pursuing a private domestic adoption of baby number 7, I’m trying to lose the last 40 lbs, Ray is finishing up his college degree, and the kids, well the kids are trying to figure out how to flood the bathroom in a unique new way this week.  Yes their mission in life is to be as ornery as possible.  
Warning I am at times snarky.  I have also been known to have a sick sense of humor and I am at times inappropriate.  I like to think that all of these things can make this blog a little bit fun.  Life is serious, you don’t have to be.  At least not when you are visiting here!  
So join in the fun and follow along on this crazy adventure with us!  You can follow Then I Laughed on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.  
To read some of my most popular posts follow these links.  
Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment so I can come and party at your blog!

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    Visiting from UBP. I love what I’ve read so far. What an amazing attitude you have! Following you on FB now. :-)


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    Hi! It’s great finding your blog! I’m here from UBP13. It sounds like your life is never boring. I think that’s the way it should be. Looking forward to getting to know you.

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