Creative cooking

I’ve been getting pretty creative with the cooking at our place lately. Or maybe I shouldn’t call it cooking rather than creative food combinations.


The problem started about three weeks ago when I opened the cabinet and a can of petite diced tomatoes jumped out and landed on my foot. It pissed me off. Then as I put it back I realized I had like six cans of them and that pissed me off more. I kept looking at the cabinet and thinking why do I have all these cans of the same things.

Petite diced tomatoes = six cans
Green beans = four cans
Black beans = seven cans
Corn bread mix = four boxes
Oatmeal = more than I can count
Pickles = four jars
Tuna = ten cans

WTF! I swear I go to the grocery store and buy the same things over and over and then my kid revolts from the plan and will only eat sandwiches or mac and cheese. My fridge looked the same as the cabinet. Tons of items but nothing getting used timely. So I made a decision that I wouldn’t grocery shop until what we had was gone.

That means I’m getting very creative. Now after three weeks we are down to the last of it. Which means meal time has passed creative and is approaching scary if you ask Sylas. Last night I served up some stir fry veggies, deviled eggs, apple slices, pickles and cheese cubes. He sat down at the table and this conversation followed.

S: What is this? This isn’t dinner.

M: Yep, it sure is. We are using all the food up before I buy anymore remember.

S: I don’t think I like this idea anymore.

M: Well this is what we are having. You will survive. I’m guessing we will be done with it all in another week.

S: I just want a sandwich.

M: Well we don’t have bread or cheese or turkey so no sandwich.

S: Did you know this isn’t even dinner. You didn’t cook dinner. You just put ingredients on the table.

M: (I could hardly contain my laughter) You are pretty much right. We are eating ingredients. Wait till you see what’s left for tomorrow night.

He ended up eating the ingredients. He didn’t starve. Though I’m thinking school lunches are getting better by the day.

He will be home shortly and I can’t wait to show him what I came up with for tonight. Sweet potato cakes, green beans and canned pears. I still have four apples left so I thought I’d serve those up for a late night snack.

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