Everything is temporary

Nothing lasts… Everything is temporary…

When times are hard it is so easy to feel like the bad will never end. But it does. As sure as the sun rises the bad eventually does as well.

I have a post in draft that I started last Tuesday as election results rolled in and my heart fell. I was going to post it but waited. Now it will stay in draft forever because I’ve just decided I won’t waste my words or energy on anything I can’t change or anything that doesn’t bring me joy.

While many people are feeling down lately I’m feeling thankful. Incredibly thankful! How can I feel thankful you wonder? Because in spite of challenges there is still SO MUCH GOOD in this world and in my life.

I have the time hop app on my phone and pictures from two years ago remind me that I was hospitalizing my precious boy for the first time. It was devastating. Pictures from a year ago remind me that I was hospitalizing him for the second time and was terrified that he was going to harm himself before we got a hospital bed. I was so broken.

At that point in time I didn’t see the light for us. I couldn’t pull myself out of the battle long enough to see that it was temporary. That eventually things would calm and we would have good again. All I could see was pain.

Tonight I took this picture of my sweet boy. We made it through an October without a major med change or a hospitalization. We have made it the whole school year with no suspensions from school. We are basking in the light right now and I’m thankful for it. The bad didn’t last. In fact, there is more good now then I could have ever imagined.


This weekend we did our favorite November activity “Thankful from A to Z”. We love this activity and it is so simple. We just use die cut letters and write what we are thankful for on each one and put them up on the wall. Then every day we have all these reminders of how much we have to be thankful for. The truth is I know eventually the dark will come again. Meds never last and my guy will struggle again. But until then we dance in the light and we drown in gratitude.


Life can be tough. Bad things happen. But life can also be really amazing. Enjoy the ride, soak up the lessons and hold on tight. It is all temporary and will disappear before you know it.



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