Mama Fierce

Mama Fierce started out as my bowling name. The first time I took Sylas bowling when he was about three instead of entering our actual names we made up silly names. He was Turbo and I was Mama Fierce. Anytime I got a strike or spare and Mama Fierce would flash on the screen I would laugh a little.

The name stuck. Each time we would go bowling I was Mama Fierce. Then it turned into my Panera Bread and Starbucks name. When any place would ask for my name with an order I would reply with a laugh, “Mama Fierce”.

I’m not sure when the silly name turned into my alter ego. It may have been in one of Sylas’ first IEP meetings. Or it could have been when I was fighting and trying to get an accurate diagnosis. Maybe it was the first time he got suspended from school. I’m not sure exactly when Mama Fierce became real but she did.

She really has become another portion of myself. Mama Fierce is simply fierce. She doesn’t take any shit. She knows her stuff and has spent hours upon hours researching and educating herself on everything that could benefit her son. She doesn’t take no for an answer and she never ever quits. She can comfort her little one and fight big battles all at the same time.

There are times now that before a big meeting relating to Sylas I visualize myself turning into Mama Fierce. I picture myself with perfectly spiked hair and make up on point. Mama Fierce even has a costume! Black leggings, a green and purple and black tutu, a shirt that says Mama Fierce and a cape. She has to have a cape! It can be used to wipe tears away and also makes a statement when entering and exiting a room.

For awhile I used to think that Mama Fierce was unique to me. She was my alter ego. Yet as time has passed I’ve run into Mama Fierce on other occasions. I’ve seen Mama Fierce in my friends as they track and monitor their children’s seizures — desperately looking for a pattern or an explanation. Mama Fierce shows up in the exhausted mom that practices the alphabet just one more time trying to get her non-verbal little one to utter just one letter. I’ve seen Mama Fierce at the pharmacy, trying to get insurance to approve medications that may help her child.

Mama Fierce combines super hero powers and fairy godmother like comforting skills. She is funny yet firm. She sets boundaries and holds people accountable when needed. She doesn’t have a magic wand but her determination is quite magical itself.

Mama Fierce isn’t just my bowling name. Mama Fierce isn’t simply my Panera Bread name. Mama Fierce is a part of me now. Mama Fierce is a part of you too. All mama’s have a little Mama Fierce in them. Claim your Mama Fierce shirt here.


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