MRSA again

Well the freaking MRSA struck again! I swear I’m losing track of how many times this is now. I think this is four… or five… too freaking many times to have MRSA I swear!

Last time MRSA struck it was on my head and left me with a bald patch that wasn’t cool at all. I swore that was the worst. Until this time. Damn! This time is a whole different ball game. It’s on my shoulder, or was on my shoulder and then spread like crazy through my back. The pain. Lord have mercy the pain! There just aren’t words.

I tried to hold out at home and fight it outpatient. I have one hell of an amazing kid that I’m pretty convinced is going to become a doula or midwife. His pain management techniques are off the hook. He has deep breathing and conserving energy down to an art. I really thought we could push through. But eventually the pain became to much and I went to the hospital. At which point I was declared an “outpatient failure”. Which basically is not a strengths based way of saying outpatient treatment was unsuccessful.

So I was admitted to the hospital and Heather and my dear friend Rochelle jumped on board to manage Sylas. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Sy isn’t a kid you can drop off with a friend for a night or two. Heck, he isn’t a kid you can even drop off with family for a day or two. Me being unavailable isn’t really an option but Heather and Rochelle made sure it could be for a few days.

I had surgery yesterday and was discharged today. I’ll have to go back daily for IV antibiotics and to have the wound checked. Fun times. But I’m home tonight and can’t wait to sleep in my own bed.

The main reason I wanted to post tonight was to brag a bit on our little hospital. We live in a small town with a small town hospital. It never fails that someone always has a complaint about the hospital, has a demand for something bigger and brighter and better or just wants to bitch in general. I wanted to make sure to do my bragging before I forgot any of it.

First, the whole point of rural hospitals is to ensure that we have access to medical care in our home community. Rural hospitals aren’t where you are having transplants or major surgeries. It’s where you are having babies, having gall bladders removed and having MRSA treated. Our hospital is open and very willing to transfer patients when their needs are greater than what can be provided here. However, they are a great option if you are needing medical care in your community.

If I would have had to go to Topeka, Wichita or Kansas City for treatment I wouldn’t have gone. I’m a single mom to a super high needs kid. I’m not leaving Emporia and leaving him here. It’s just not happening. Not rational I know but special needs parents aren’t known for being rational. The fact that I could get the treatment I needed and he could still come visit and I could check in with him made treatment an option.

The care I received was nothing but top notch. When the pain killers quit being effective 10 hours before surgery and all I could do was cry and shake from the pain the nurses sat with me, held my hand, practiced deep breathing and most of all made sure I never felt alone even though I was alone and scared out of my mind. One nurse said nothing but just put her hand on my head until I could pull it together. I swear she is one amazing mom at home, I just know it.

Did Newman Regional Health save my life? I don’t know? I don’t like to think about the risks of MRSA. What I do know is that I’m pretty damn thankful that Newman Regional Health is available for me and the people in my life. I’ve got a long way to go to get better. But they got me off to a good start.

Oh and the hospital is hopping with Pokemon! I leveled up while I was there.


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