Netflix made better

Netflix is pretty dang amazing! How did we survive before binging was possible? The entire season of Stranger Things in one day… Yes, please! Want to watch every episode of Criminal Minds in two months? Netflix makes the challenge possible. And don’t get me started on documentaries. The Witness and 13th are my two favorites recently.


I didn’t believe that Netflix could get better but it can my friends! Here are a few hacks to make your binging experience better than ever!

Netflix Codes

Sick of the same old recommendations? Want something more than 10 categories to pick from? What if I told you there were hundreds of categories to pick on but they are hidden? Get excited my friends and head over to What’s On Netflix. They have a break down of codes to get you to the hidden land of classic comedies (31694) or steamy romantic movies (35800). There is a code for everything imaginable and then some!

Clean it up

Imagine with me for just a moment that you get sick. You are bed ridden for days on end. During which time your child is left to fend for himself. He manages the food fine but make incredibly poor choices when it comes to Netflix. He may have binged 43 episodes of Sophia the First or days worth of Total Drama Island. He also may have done so in your account instead of his.

For the love of God now all your suggestions and recently watched items are jacked. Totally jacked! No you don’t want to watch Peppa the Pig and you sure as hell don’t wait to watch that little jackass Cailou! How to fix it!?! Delete your activity. Simply go to the activity page and you can correct all of your child’s poor decision making (well at least in Netflix land).

Streaming options

Are you binging in the highest quality possible? Do you even know what quality you are streaming? Make sure to check your streaming settings here to make the decision yourself. This is also where you can decide if you want next episodes to play automatically.

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