Adoption #2

It is time to pursue adoption #2! After eight years of waiting I figure it is probably time to get this going. Sylas K has only been begging for a


Technology Currency

I don't know what it is like in your house but at our house technology is the main currency. My 8-year-old is obsessed with his tech! Shows, games,


You are not alone

As Sylas K and I traipsed from house to house last night on our trick-or-treating adventure I kept bumping into readers. We shared a few chuckles as


Make Time for Fun

Make time for fun. Just make the time for fun. Don't you have time for fun? You'd feel better if you made time for fun. We have all heard it. It's in


School success

    Anyone that has followed our journey for long knows that Sylas K has struggled in school. Really, really struggled. It's just been


MRSA again

Well the freaking MRSA struck again! I swear I'm losing track of how many times this is now. I think this is four... or five... too freaking many