Pregnant on paper

It’s time for an adoption update people! We are completely home study approved! Signed, sealed and delivered. In the adoption world this basically means I’m pregnant on paper.  20170311_110741


I also finally got our adoption profile book finished! I swear this is one of the hardest parts for me. The profile books are for families that are considering adoption to look at to get to know you a little bit. It helps them narrow the field and pick families to meet. But it feels weird to put the book together. And I get weird and obsessive about it and and it took me forever! But the books are done and to the social workers!


I’m pretty pleased with how the books turned out. I remember doing a profile book for Sylas’ adoption and boy have things changed in 10 years! My old book was laminated and wire bound. Seriously! How insane. Now Shutterfly sure makes it easy and much prettier than laminated books from staples.


I will say putting together this book was much easier than putting together my profile book the first time around. I think being 10 years older has a lot to do with it. I’m so much more comfortable in my own skin, I know myself better and I am confident in my ability to parent. All of those things made it much easier!


It was also pretty cool to be able to include pics of Sylas this time around obviously! My last book talked about my hobbies. Yep, I had hobbies. I actually tended my flower beds and read for leisure. Ha! Now my book consists of parenting… disc golf… library trips… and more parenting. It’s real for sure. Real life.


The first time around I was also so worried my house wouldn’t be “good enough”. Well that house caught fire and now we are in an apartment and I don’t give a shit. I’ve learned where you live means little rather how you live is more important. Because we live small we get to live big and have fun.


I just love Sylas’ page! He is the reason I know this adoption will be awesome and why I’m not stressed about it. I could have had three other babies and I ended up with him! My absolute perfect match. I have no doubt we will end up with the right baby at the right time for our family.


So now what? We wait! And wait and probably wait some more. I have in my mind that it will take a year. It took a year with Sylas. For some reason a year seems likely. But then we could also get a call tomorrow and have a baby. I just don’t know.

For the time being I’m filling out grant requests to help fund the last of this. I’m also taking any freelance gig that comes along. The extra work goes to the adoption fund and keeps my mind occupied.

I also get asked every single day by Sylas K if a baby is coming today….  Pray a baby shows up soon! PLEASE!

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