Sensory Seeking Behavior

Oh my wild Sylas K is such a sensory seeking kid.  Sensory seeking is when kids intensely search for more or stronger stimulus.  This goes hand in hand with Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  When I tell people Sylas is sensory seeking they don’t really get it until they see it in action.  Here is just last nights sensory seeking activities…  
Water is one of the best ways to meet Sylas’ sensory needs.  Most kids like to play in water but Sylas takes it to an intense level.  Instead of just being sprayed lightly with water he was the hose on full blast right in his face.  Seriously do you see the smile on his face!  I have attempted to do this same exact thing to see what it feels like and it’s miserable.  Yet he LOVES it!  Sensory overload for me is sensory success for him.  
A lot of times Sylas will be really rough or “aggressive” and it’s usually him showing sensory seeking behavior.  Him shoving and pushing meets a need.  Finding ways to meet those sensory needs without endangering others is a chore.  But we have found a few ways.  Again water is always great!  But moving furniture works too.  Wanna shove your brother, instead of that try to push the couch across the room.  I promise you he can do it!  Want to jump of the counter, instead of that lets sit on an exercise ball and bounce around the house.  

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with activities that meet his sensory seeking behavior.  But I’ve found if we don’t create the activities he will!  Our options are usually MUCH safer than the ideas he comes up with.  And if we can creatively meet his sensory needs it results in less negative behaviors and tantrums.  So we continue to to be creative and continue to rack up a HUGE water bill!  

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