Technology Currency

I don’t know what it is like in your house but at our house technology is the main currency. My 8-year-old is obsessed with his tech! Shows, games, tablets, cell phones, computers… You name it and he wants it and has it mastered in about 10 minutes flat.

Recently he was scrolling through my phone to show the sitter a new game he downloaded. He had to swipe four screens! He has downloaded so many apps on my phone that we are five pages deep.


Pokemon Go, Slither io and Deer Hunter are the favorites right now. But the favorites change every couple hours. Between the YouTube videos and Netflix streaming I want to scream. And recently I did so.

We were in the car and he had the radio up and the volume up on the phone while he blasted deer on the stupid Deer Hunter game. And I lost my shit!

I started ranting about how he doesn’t pay attention and is focused on the games and I can’t hear or think and I’m gonna lose my mind one of these days. He looked at me, handed me the phone and said “I think you have already lost it”.

Yes I had lost it! Sometimes it is just too much. Then other days I thank God for the technology that allows us to watch funny videos or sweet baby otter videos. Yes baby otter videos are a thing and they are adorable and make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

On Friday night someone was being a little lippy with me so I took away all the technology. The phone went up, the tablet disappeared, laptops were shut down and I told him to find something creative to do. 10,000 fuse beads on my living room floor was his idea of creative. Truth be told I had him help clean all the damn things up and then folded and watched music videos with him.


Tonight he asked me if I watched YouTube as a kid. I explained that we didn’t have YouTube because we didn’t have the internet.

“Well that’s miserable,” he said. “How did you watch shows?”

I explained that we actually watched television live, one episode at a time, rather than binging eight seasons of Pound Puppies in a row.

“Well why didn’t you just wait and get the whole season on DVD,” he questioned.

Then I attempted to explain that we had to rent movies at an actual store on either VHS or BETA.

“Your stories are ridiculous mama, I’m not falling for these jokes,” he replied with disdain.

No matter how much I try to explain it he just can’t grasp the concept of life without wifi. He has however figured out that when I take the tech away I mean business. So I use it as my final call. When no other currency works I take the tech. It’s amazing what a child will do to play Pokemon Go or check out YouTube…

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