We are alive

I keep getting messages from readers wondering if we are alive. It has been almost two months since I last blogged so I guess that is to be expected. But my stepmom messaged last night and said “I guess you aren’t blogging anymore.” So now I feel guilty and I’m blogging.

We are alive!

The truth is that one time long ago I started this blog thinking that a few people would read it. And then a few people did read it and then a few more and then before I knew it a lot of people read it. Which was really awesome.

The blog led to a cool new job at the newspaper which was a dream come true. I got paid to write every single day and I could still blog. So I did. And then the newspaper led to a job with a magazine. Which led to another job with another magazine. And then another job and another job.

So now what started as a little blog writing has turned into writing for two newspapers and six magazines. And I love getting to write for all of those publications. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for the opportunity. Even on rough days like today I know I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to live my dream each day.

But with each new assignment it leaves less time to blog. And I miss blogging. But it seems to be the one thing I can put off… that is until two months pass and then I feel guilty. So I’m going to mark out time three days a week and get a blog post up. I promise…. until I’m overwhelmed with assignments again.

What have you been doing?

When I’m not writing lots of words for everyone else I’m busy keeping up with this kid of mine. He keeps me freakishly busy and on my toes.

He started swimming again. Because we need something to do four evenings a week.


Truth be told I love that he is swimming. I swam competitively throughout my childhood and enjoyed it. It is about the only sport I understand. Sylas K loves water, it is great exercise and most of all it is very good for his sensory issues! So swimming it is. He isn’t particularly good at it and neither of us care about that part much. He is oddly entertaining in the water with his hulk like tendencies and has earned himself the nickname Tsunami Sylas.

We have also done about 10 puzzles since Christmas break started. I thought we would do a couple over break and he got on a roll and hasn’t quit. Sometimes the puzzles piss me off. I have no patience but he will sit and do them for hours.



We were supposed to get hit with the winter storm of our lifetime about a month ago. In preparation for being stuck inside for days I bought extra craft supplies and we made this weird yarn critters that Sylas dubbed “love bugs”.


I foolishly posted a picture of the love bugs on Facebook and a friend said she wanted to buy one from him. Then another friend wanted two and then ten and now we have made 250 love bugs to be sold. He has become quite the entrepreneur. What originally started out as a plan to sell enough to make $9 for a transformer has turned into a mission to earn enough for him to buy a computer or a Playstation. We even special ordered yarn to make valentine love bugs.

Yes, I’m officially a love bug dealer and love bug eye and anteana hot gluer. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve now spent gluing eyes on and packing and shipping and delivering these crazy balls of yarn. But he is working his buns off making them so I keep doing it. I really think it may have been easier to just buy him a computer myself but I like that he is working hard and earning it.

So we are alive. It’s just all the words and swimming and puzzles and love bugs that are keeping me off the blog. I swear to you that I will have regular posts coming again soon. Here is what is in the works.

  • My favorite Instant Pot recipes
  • The best day ever
  • Recent adventures
  • An adoption update
  • He said what????

Thanks to you all for checking in on us and I’m very sorry for lack of posts!



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