The boy is back

My Sylas K is back home! Thank goodness this was a short stay. I'm so thrilled he is filling my house up with laughter and silliness. I missed that


Dog depression

Dog depression? I would have laughed if someone would have told me that dogs get depressed. That is until this weekend. I officially have a depressed



It's been almost three weeks since this round of MRSA began. No fun! This has by far been the worst flareup and the most painful. It really kicked my


Our kids can’t wait

Word is already spreading that I went to our local school board meeting this evening to address some concerns regarding special education. In an


Locust Love

I talk about my amazing sister Heather frequently. She is awesome, smart, beautiful, funny, kind. So many things. She is also a bit of science nerd.


Remembering Mom

Grief does crazy things to a person. It can play tricks on you in a way few other emotions can. I like to call grief the sneaky bastard. You think you


Questions and Answers

I have had lots of really fun reader questions lately. So many times I forget that you all don't "know us" in real life. So sometimes I forget to tell

Divorce 1

Divorce Day Party

Today was divorce day for me! I thought I had a fun wedding but my girls threw me one heck of a divorce day party. They made my divorce pretty epic