Game Time

Game Time

I have played 821 games of Happy Feet Go Fish in the last six weeks. That may even be low balling it. It feels like that is all we do. Do you have Atticus? Go Fish. Do you have Erik? Go fish. Now the kid even makes me sing the names... Do you have Gloooorrrriaaa? Lord, help me! I thought six kids was a lot of work. Well friends the truth is in a lot of ways six kids is easier than one kid. At least when six kids are fighting with one another they are entertaining each other. Wrestling match, … [read more]

7 simple ways to simplify your life

Simple ways to simplify your life

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. -Confucius How many times have you wanted to sit down with your kids and play a game but you didn't because you had "things to do"? How much time have you spent looking for something you can't find- searching in drawers and closets and cursing the kids for moving your beloved item? How often do catch yourself buying something and then later feeling guilty about the purchase? Have you ever thought life is complicated, messy, … [read more]

Bowling Problems

One of Sylas' newest obsessions is bowling. He doesn't like bowling, he LOVES bowling. We seriously go to the bowling alley every single weekend. And then he plays Wii bowling at home in between. He wants his own bowling ball and he doesn't understand why he can't wear bowling shoes all the time. He has also developed bowling preferences. He really wants me to drive him to the city every weekend to go to the "good bowling alley". The "good bowling alley" has a special cosmic bowling side to … [read more]

Redbox Promo Codes 2014

Redbox Promo Codes 2014

Redbox promo codes are a must for me! We are a block from our nearest Redbox and we use it frequently. I have shared Redbox Promo Codes in the past but many of them have expired. I've found that finding promo codes that work all the time has gotten harder but it is still possible. Here are a few that work pretty much all the time. Now keep in mind that these are only good for one use per Redbox account. All that means is you need to use a different card each time you use the promo code. Have … [read more]

First grade fabulous

1st grade

This wonderful boy is officially a first grader! I'm not sure how in the world that happened so quickly. I told him to hold up 1 finger in the pictures for first grade. He did but then held up all 10 and said he wanted to be in 10th grade. Shut your mouth child! I can't even wrap my mind around 10th grade. Someone will have to medicate me heavily when that happens. In the days leading up to the first day of school he wasn't to excited. When he realized he would be in the same classroom … [read more]

Where am I

Beach Collage

Today I received email number 724 asking where in the world I am. I haven't posted in almost a month now! How does this happen?!? Let me tell ya how this happens. I write all day long for work and I'm just out of words by the time all my work is done... I'm all of a sudden a single mama again and I'm out of time... And we went to the beach... So time has just totally gotten away from me. But no more! Somehow I will keep up with the blog. I have written it on my calendar now that I must … [read more]

Do You Know Him

Do you know him

Hey do you know this guy? He hangs out at our house. I found him laying around Studio 11 and brought him home. I thought he looked a bit lonely. So he sits on my desk now. And Sylas K and I talk about him. A lot more than we should probably talk about someone we don't know. We know he has a story. One we are making up. It's been a pretty entertaining dinner conversation. Creating a story for this unknown man. The most difficult part has been naming him. We are debating on names. So … [read more]



Oh the changes. So many dang changes. Sylas K and I are getting used to a lot of the changes. Some are a bit harder to adjust too. Some of the changes are pretty funny though... Learning how to grocery shop for two people is a change that has caused us a bit of laughter. Out of habit we somehow bought the biggest bag of fruity pebbles ever made. After getting the bag home and eating them for days we still hadn't made a dent in the amount of fruity pebbles we would have to consume before … [read more]

What’s Happening Around Here

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