Do You Know Him

Do you know him

Hey do you know this guy? He hangs out at our house. I found him laying around Studio 11 and brought him home. I thought he looked a bit lonely. So he sits on my desk now. And Sylas K and I talk about him. A lot more than we should probably talk about someone we don't know. We know he has a story. One we are making up. It's been a pretty entertaining dinner conversation. Creating a story for this unknown man. The most difficult part has been naming him. We are debating on names. So … [read more]



Oh the changes. So many dang changes. Sylas K and I are getting used to a lot of the changes. Some are a bit harder to adjust too. Some of the changes are pretty funny though... Learning how to grocery shop for two people is a change that has caused us a bit of laughter. Out of habit we somehow bought the biggest bag of fruity pebbles ever made. After getting the bag home and eating them for days we still hadn't made a dent in the amount of fruity pebbles we would have to consume before … [read more]

What’s Happening Around Here

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It runs in the family

Aunts 2

Last weekend we went to Tulsa to celebrate the 4th and spend some time with family. It also happened to be my Aunt Donna and Uncle John's 50th wedding anniversary. So we had a surprise anniversary party for them. My cousins organized it and did a great job. Donna and John were so surprised they actually showed up an hour late for their own party because they thought we were all just getting together at the clubhouse so our kids could swim. Ha! Most of my aunts were there this weekend. I love … [read more]

Happy Birthday to me

bday collage

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to. But I didn't want to! I had a wonderfully fabulous birthday! I was able to hang out and celebrate with my two favorite people. They got me some awesome presents but most of all they made me laugh a lot. And Heather got my apartment decorated. She is just awesome like that. Since I'm 34 this year, Sylas K helped me make a list of 34 things I should do this year. In no particular order here is my list of 34... Go see Katy Perry in concert Lose 40 … [read more]

The Post I Never Wanted to Write

I have written this post about 14 different ways. I've tried to be insightful, honest and funny. I tried the blunt approach and then a version that sugar coated everything. Heck I even thought about just not writing a post at all. Several of my friends have advised that no post is just not an option. So hear goes it. The hubs and I are getting a divorce. Not really the post I ever wanted to write. Not my plan just 18 short months ago. But it is what it is. There really isn't any way to … [read more]

Cats and Green Beans


We are down to two kittens left now! I thought the kids were about over the kittens. They have seemed a bit annoyed by them lately. Mainly because they are toe biters. If you sit or lay down they will pounce you and bite your toes. Odd little creatures. But something happened tonight that makes me think they will forever be kitten fans.... Brayden: Uh Mama J I saw Lucy outside with her boyfriend cat. She looked really happy. Me: What do you mean happy? Brayden: Well she was doing … [read more]



I attempted meditation recently. I haven't been sleeping well. That is actually quite an understatement. I basically nap for short periods of time each day. I have a hard time falling asleep. I can't stay asleep. I have horrible dreams. So I thought meditation might be a good way to calm my mind enough to sleep. There is even an app for that! Yep I downloaded a meditation app to my phone to serve as my meditation guide. It has 20 different 20 minute guided meditations. Awesome right! … [read more]