A Surprise

"Mama I have a surprise for you!" For some parents hearing those words is exciting. When I hear those words I tend to think "Oh shit"! And for

Moments in time

We all have certain moments in time that are branded on our minds forever. We remember where we were, what we were wearing, the sounds and smells of


Disc golf addict

I had great plans to update about the GBO youth tournament right after Sylas played in it. And then as usual life happened and it is now almost a week

sylas 8

Why we live here take 74

All the time people ask me why we live in Emporia and I can give so many reasons. In fact I've posted quite a bit about why we love our town.


Can I get a do over?

Remember when you were a kid and you would mess up playing a game and you could just shout "redo" or "do over". With that claim you could turn back



We are at almost a week now of Sylas K being back home. So far things have been wonderful and fun and frustrating and exhausting and did I mention