Can I get a do over?

Remember when you were a kid and you would mess up playing a game and you could just shout "redo" or "do over". With that claim you could turn back



We are at almost a week now of Sylas K being back home. So far things have been wonderful and fun and frustrating and exhausting and did I mention


He’s coming home

My boy is coming home! We officially have a discharge date for tomorrow! I'm freakishly excited by this. I have missed that kid so much. I'm


Life Lessons

Whenever I see a little kid lose their grip on a helium balloon I think to myself, "Well there is a lesson in loss." And sure enough before I even get


I have some issues

All of my closest friends know that I have some issues. Some are more serious than others. Recently, a group of us were having a discussion and


Eight is great

It was a big weekend at our house. Sylas K was able to come home for a weekend pass and we celebrated his eighth birthday. Turning eight is a pretty


End of an era

Today marks an end of an era in the newsroom. Brandy, our web and news editor and most importantly my work wife is leaving us. She has accepted