Make Time for Fun

Make time for fun. Just make the time for fun. Don't you have time for fun? You'd feel better if you made time for fun. We have all heard it. It's in


School success

    Anyone that has followed our journey for long knows that Sylas K has struggled in school. Really, really struggled. It's just been


MRSA again

Well the freaking MRSA struck again! I swear I'm losing track of how many times this is now. I think this is four... or five... too freaking many


Be a helper

My mom and Mr. Rogers were both pretty smart people. Probably two of the wisest people I know. Whenever something bad happened my mom and Mr. Rogers

bday collage 3

36 Rocks

It's my birthday! So far 36 is starting off pretty grand. It has been one fabulous day thanks to Sylas and all my friends and family. My people sure


A Surprise

"Mama I have a surprise for you!" For some parents hearing those words is exciting. When I hear those words I tend to think "Oh shit"! And for