Ghost Towns of Lyon County: Badger Creek and Lang


I'm still trying to find all the ghost towns in Lyon County. I had some delays because of the cold weather. Honestly walking around out in the country when it is 30 degrees doesn't sound so fun to me. But we have had nice weather for a few days in a row and I've been out on the hunt again. Badger Creek is a ghost town I found back in November actually. I had visited Sylas K at the hospital that day and had a really difficult time leaving. I was just pretty sad. So once I got closer to … [Read more...]

Disc Golf Pros


Sylas K and I have been going to the park quite a bit in the evenings to walk and kill some time. For the first few days he was content to roam and throw rocks into the ponds. Then he noticed the disc golf baskets and became obsessed. Thursday he begged to play, Friday he begged to play and Saturday I bought a couple frisbees. We just played four holes on Saturday evening and during our outing he found an actual disc. He begged me to take him back out Sunday morning. In fact the first words … [Read more...]

Cash issues


I've been on a cash kick lately. Meaning I try to use cash as much as possible instead of using my debit card. I've noticed I don't spend as much if I use cash. I pay more attention to what I'm putting in the grocery cart or how many times I swing by Sonic. Cash is my friend. However, I've noticed that cash doesn't seem to work so well at Dollar General. Of all places to have issues with cash I never in a million years thought Dollar General would be the place. The first time I had a … [Read more...]

Card overload


While Sylas K was at the hospital I made it a point to send him a card each day. I had quite the system worked out. I would pick one evening a week and make out the cards in mass. First, I'd write a little note or a joke or a bible verse on one side of the card. He is really into learning jokes right now so I sent him A LOT of jokes. As a side note I now know a large amount of ridiculous kid jokes. Things like who says "Oh, oh, oh?" Santa walking backwards of course. Yes I know I'm lame in … [Read more...]

A new profession – Courtroom drawings


We started having a discussion in the newsroom the other day about how rare courtroom drawings have become. It used to be common to only have visions of courtrooms in sketches rather than photographs. Now the opposite is true. We have a busy court schedule coming up including a couple of murder trials. Will cameras be allowed in the courtroom? We are hopeful but also trying to plan for the possibility that they won't. With that in mind I have decided to become a courtroom artist. I went … [Read more...]



So what are these smiling faces about??? It may be because this kid totally smoked me at four games of Spot It last night. Or it might be that he I drew him a really cool Mr. Roboto picture. The biggest reason for our smiles is that this kid is coming HOME! Friday when I go pick him up it's not for a visit or a pass or just a weekend. It's for good. Thank goodness! This has felt like the longest 60 days of my life. While this has been hands down one of the most difficult experiences … [Read more...]

Scrapbook Paper Wreath

collage wreath

Yesterday after organizing all my closets again and doing the laundry and writing a bunch for work I thought I might need a little project to do. I wanted a new wreath for my door but I didn't want to spend much money and I didn't want it to be to difficult. I'm all about cheap and easy when it comes to projects. I like cheap and easy. However, I am not cheap and easy. And that is how my brilliant idea of a scrapbook paper wreath was born. Yes indeed, this adorable wreath was born out of … [Read more...]

Fearless Possiblities


Hello 2015! I'm so glad you have arrived. 2014 has been a challenging year to say the least. We have muddled through some of the most difficult experiences of my life. But we have grown, I have grown, Sylas K has grown, it hasn't been in vain. That painful challenging growth moves us forward. With forward thinking in mind I've dubbed 2015 the year of fearless possibilities in our home. As I struggled to make decisions regarding our lives this year fear overwhelmed me. What I found is that … [Read more...]

Christmas Hangover


Our Christmas was pretty dang amazing. In fact, it was for sure one of the best Christmas' I have had in years. Heather and Sylas and I opened gifts and then spent the rest of the day playing with his new toys and games and just relaxing. It was pretty much perfection in my book. Having Sylas K home for Christmas was a blast. He is a hoot every Christmas, mainly because he is so easy going and thankful when it comes to presents. You could give him a package of socks and he would gush … [Read more...]