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Ninja Boobs


Yesterday proved to be an interesting day. There was actually a story in our paper about me. Well it was actually about me having a story published in Chicken Soup for the Soul. It is the Reboot Your Life edition and I wrote a story about rebuilding my life after the fire. So one of my all time favorite writers interviewed me and wrote a story that I will treasure forever! You can read the story here. On top of having a story about me in the paper I also had to interview the Lt. Governor … [read more]

FASD Awareness Day

FASD Awareness Day

Today is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Awareness day. My wonderful Sylas K lives with FASD. Of course, I had planned to have this post all ready to go and scheduled to post this morning. But FASD happened. In our house every day is FASD awareness day. There is never a break, never a moment and never a pause. Last night my guy got so angry when he slammed the patio door it locked, leaving us stuck outside for an hour and half until help could come. When we got inside he was sweet as … [read more]

Not Willing to Wait

I will not wait to feel the way I want

About three weeks ago I caught myself doing something and it stopped me in my tracks. I stopped and really listened to some of the thoughts in my head and I was appalled. When I pay off that debt I will feel free.... When we go on vacation I will be so peaceful... When my divorce is final I won't be so stressed out... Are you kidding me? Do you see the problem here? My thinking is all about when this happens I will feel a certain way. That doesn't work for me. Attaching how I want to … [read more]

Celebrating Life


This is the column that will appear in our local paper today. I just thought I'd share it here as well... For years I have dreaded this day — Sept. 2. This year it marks the eighth year since my mom died. When I would see the date approaching on the calendar, the gloom would settle in. Curling up in bed with a blanket over my head seemed like the most appropriate thing to do. Maybe I could hide from my grief until the day passed. I'm not sure when exactly my feelings about the day changed. … [read more]

Cat Fact Texts


Friday and Saturday nights are somewhat boring in my life. I refuse to pay for a sitter to go out because I already spend so much on a sitter to work. So I tend to sit around and watch trash television or clean or do something boring after the kidlet goes to bed. Last week I was particularly bored and feeling blah. So I decided to make my own entertainment. I decided I would prank text my sister. I sent her a few anonymous cat fact texts and nothing. She totally didn't bite. So I decided my … [read more]

Game Time

Game Time

I have played 821 games of Happy Feet Go Fish in the last six weeks. That may even be low balling it. It feels like that is all we do. Do you have Atticus? Go Fish. Do you have Erik? Go fish. Now the kid even makes me sing the names... Do you have Gloooorrrriaaa? Lord, help me! I thought six kids was a lot of work. Well friends the truth is in a lot of ways six kids is easier than one kid. At least when six kids are fighting with one another they are entertaining each other. Wrestling match, … [read more]

7 simple ways to simplify your life

Simple ways to simplify your life

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. -Confucius How many times have you wanted to sit down with your kids and play a game but you didn't because you had "things to do"? How much time have you spent looking for something you can't find- searching in drawers and closets and cursing the kids for moving your beloved item? How often do catch yourself buying something and then later feeling guilty about the purchase? Have you ever thought life is complicated, messy, … [read more]

Bowling Problems

One of Sylas' newest obsessions is bowling. He doesn't like bowling, he LOVES bowling. We seriously go to the bowling alley every single weekend. And then he plays Wii bowling at home in between. He wants his own bowling ball and he doesn't understand why he can't wear bowling shoes all the time. He has also developed bowling preferences. He really wants me to drive him to the city every weekend to go to the "good bowling alley". The "good bowling alley" has a special cosmic bowling side to … [read more]