Big Kid Room


A miracle happened at our house this week. Sylas K got an actual bed! When we first moved into the apartment he insisted he did NOT want a bed. He picked out an air mattress and insisted on no bed. So what actually happened is that he hauled the dang air mattress all around the house and really only slept on it a handful of times. The majority of the time he was in my bed. 100 pounds of wiggling, bed hogging, snoring, sleep talking child in my bed. Then I would either not sleep well or end … [Read more...]

Divorce gifts

Divorce Gift

Today is my anniversary and my divorce still isn't final. So I think that means I should have gotten gifts. I wasn't expecting flowers by any means but a divorce gift would have been nice. I sent my ex a few links to give him hints but no dice. I guess he doesn't feel like gift giving today. I just don't understand that. So hear is my list of the best divorce gifts on the market!I must advise you that for some of these I happen to be an affiliate which means if you click the link and buy I … [Read more...]



I have been having a recurring dream lately. It is rare that I remember my dreams but I've probably had the same dream three times now. And it seems so real that when I wake up I'm expecting it to be true. I don't know a lot about dream meanings but I'm thinking this one means I might be going crazy. My dream always starts with Sylas K laughing loud, his huge belly laugh. And then he says, "Mama come look at Seeley J." I turn the corner and there is Sylas K playing with this adorable baby … [Read more...]


20141001_072753_Richtone(HDR) (1)

We have some strange conversations in this house. I'm guessing you all have some strange conversations in your homes too. I'm beginning to believe that conversations with kids are just strange in general. There is certainly never a dull moment... Picture Day It was the night before picture day and this is how our conversation went. Me: Sylas K, tomorrow is picture day so you need to take a shower tonight. Sylas: Why do I need to take a shower? No one can smell me in the picture. I … [Read more...]

The dread sets in

It's that time of year again. It is time for parent teacher conferences. The dread of this usually starts about a week ahead of time for me. I know my Facebook feed will be blowing up with posts about how fabulous everyone's kid is doing in school. I have learned from past experiences that comparison is the thief of joy. And Facebook at parent teacher conference time is the biggest joy thief I know. I just can't handle it. So I'll be logging off for a few days. I just have to find my happy … [Read more...]

Apps to save money


So you want apps to save money? Really is there an app for everything? You bet there is! There are quite a few apps out there that will save you money. I was pretty skeptical when I first started using a couple of them. I wasn't holding out much hope of really making or saving much money at all. But I have been pleasantly surprised to see the dollars add up. These are a few of my favorite apps to save money. Checkout 51 Checkout 51 is my favorite app to save money. Once you download the app … [Read more...]

Special News for Special Needs

Special News for Special Needs

We all know that special needs children and their parents are near and dear to my heart. Heck I live with one super cool special needs kiddo and I like to think I'm a pretty special mom. I sure try anyways. One thing I know for sure about special needs parenting is that it is exhausting, rewarding, inspiring and did I mention exhausting! I have learned on this journey that it can't be done solo. You can sure try to go it alone but the results aren't pretty. Most of us end up burnt out, ate … [Read more...]



Tonight I went to the movies alone, I saw Gone Girl. It is rare that I have a child free evening to myself. I could have called some of my friends and asked them to go with me. I'm sure someone could have. I actually ran into a group of friends that invited me to sit with them as they were going to the same movie. I declined. I had to prove to myself that I could do it. I could go to a movie alone. I know it probably seems stupid but I am testing my single boundaries. I need to know that I … [Read more...]

Raising a tagger


I am pretty sure I'm raising a tagger and I'm absolutely certain I'm okay with that. I was cleaning up the kitchen on Saturday and put Sylas in charge of picking up the living room. Things got quiet and I went to inspect. I stumbled upon him writing on the wall. I found him writing Sylas was here on the wall. And I screamed! I seriously screamed for joy! This is how you know you are a special needs parents. All I could think when I saw it was how far he has come. Three years ago Sylas … [Read more...]