She’s my real mom

Sylas K and I talk about adoption all the time. His adoption, my adoption, how he wants me to adopt him a brown baby. We cover it all. He has only

Warrior Mom

The day I brought Sylas K home from the hospital I sat in our living room, snuggled him in my arms and rocked him to sleep in our rocking chair. I


Powerball Dreams

Like pretty much everyone else that is breathing I went ahead and bought two Powerball tickets today. We all know that it's more likely we will get


In his own time

Something I had to learn early on in parenting Sylas K is that he learns and develops in his own time. When it comes to physically growing he is off


New Year Traditions

We are so ready for 2016! I absolutely love the new year! Mainly because my planner looks really pretty for about two weeks. But I also love it


Packed it up

Tonight I packed up the Christmas tree. I officially called it. Game over. No holiday here. I may officially be the grinch. Which would be fine


Dating disasters

Dating after you are 35 is much like finding a parking spot. All the good ones are taken and the others are handicapped. After a series of really


Just one more thing

Just one more thing... Just one more story... Just one more blog post... Just one more class... Just home school... Just a freelance job... Just one