Stand in the solution


After weeks of feeling sorry for Sylas and myself I'm over it. I'm tired of feeling crummy. It just isn't really my nature. While I laid in bed thinking about how tired I was of my piss poor attitude I had the following thought. I can stand in the problem or stand in the solution. I choose to stand in the solution. So what does it look like to stand in the solution? It means I go back to doing the things that make me feel happy, the things that bring me laughter. One of those things … [Read more...]

Ghost Towns of Lyon County : Alda

Alda Wyckoff

I'm on a mission to find all of the ghost towns of Lyon county. This first ghost town I found in Lyon county was Chicago Mound. That day I was on a roll and decided to go on a hunt for Alda. Alda was a bit more difficult to find. There isn't a single physical identifier of Alda left. You should also know that I'm incredibly directionally challenged. I'm not kidding you when I say that north is always in front of me. Just one of the reasons I drive my dad insane! This project is quite the … [Read more...]

Boxed in


I was able to see my main man twice this week. It's always the thrill of my week to see his face, hug him, kiss his cheeks and just be in his presence. The level of missing him hasn't lessened even though we are week into this. My level of anger has increased tremendously though. I used to be sad. And I'm still sad. The situation is sad. But now I'm pretty freaking angry too. And I hate to admit that. Hell I hate to admit all of this. But I keep telling myself that when I post about this … [Read more...]

Ghost Towns of Lyon County: Chicago Mound


Ghost towns of Lyon county are keeping me sane and slightly entertained right now. Weird, right? Yes I know! But have I ever claimed to not be weird? I found this book that is a history of Lyon county. There are 99 cities and towns listed that have existed in Lyon county at some point in town. Now many of those 99 would be considered ghost towns. I didn't realize until recently that what makes a town extinct or a ghost town is when the town loses their postal code or post office. Having … [Read more...]

Toothless Timmy


Do you notice anything significant in the above picture. You know besides the adorable man child I have smiling with me? He lost a tooth! Seriously! He lost a freaking tooth and I missed it. No worries, according to him. "Ma my tooth fell out because I wiggled it seven times. And Mr. Adam put it in a baggy for you because he said mom's like to have teeth. I said that was weird and gross but he said his mom is weird and gross too because she still has all his teeth!" Sure enough, Mr. Adam … [Read more...]

Baked potatoes and a boy named Steven

Obviously we are going through a pretty serious time in our lives. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for laughter. Thank God we can still find the funny in the midst of the serious. Many of my phone conversations with him are pretty dang funny. Me: How's it going bud? S: Mama this place has the best food. They make really special potatoes here. Do you think you can learn to make them. Me: I bet so. Were they cheesy potatoes? S: Hold on mom. (At this point I can hear him … [Read more...]

No better place to be


Today is Veterans Day and I happen to live in the founding city of Veterans Day. It's a pretty darn big deal here. Emporia pulls out all the stops. One of the speakers at our Veterans Day service today said that there is no better place to be than Emporia on Veterans Day. I happen to agree. Our streets are lined with flags and beautiful banners honoring veterans. Windows of downtown stores are painted with messages of thanks for those that serve. Veterans day events last … [Read more...]

Coming Right Up

One mental breakdown coming right up... I'll just apologize now for the rambling that will fill this post. My whole mind is a bit of a rambling mess... Friday my Sylas K had to go back to the hospital. He is still struggling and not well. He can't maintain at school longer than a few hours. His school days now consist of violent outbursts, time with the school security guard and ultimately suspension. Home time hasn't been much better except I don't have a security guard or a safe room … [Read more...]

Birthday Memories


Today would be my mom's 65th birthday! It seems so crazy to me that she would actually be 65. I try to imagine what 65 would look like on her. Would her hair be grey? Would she be living in the same house? Would she still be doing yoga and working in her flower beds? What would 65 really look like on her? Obviously, I won't ever know the answer to any of those questions. She will forever be frozen at 54. The pictures in this post are from her 54th birthday party. At that time we didn't know … [Read more...]