A Birth Story

kittens 2

Well Lucy Corndog did it!  She birthed four healthy little kittens.  And it even happened on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning!  Yahoo!  Here are all the glorious details. All day Tuesday I was home with Lucy, alone, with no children!  I figured she would for sure have them Tuesday afternoon.  But no!  She wanted nothing to do with birthing kittens.  Instead she laid on me most of the day and watched three episodes of Law and Order SVU and two episodes of Breaking Amish.  Hey don't judge … [read more]

Maternity Photos


Today was a big day for our cat Lucy Corndog. Today she had her maternity photo session! I thought she would be super excited about this. Pregnant ladies always want pictures of their bellies. I thought she would want to lay in the flowers and show off her now massive stomach. I even thought about shaving her so she could have the naked pregnancy pics like some chicks like. But no! That ungrateful cat wanted nothing of it. I think it's the hormones because she was actually pretty crabby about … [read more]

Say What?


More random crazy talk from around our house... "Okay now all I need is a rabbit and a deck of cards and the magic will happen." "Maybe I would make better choices if I had more candy. Candy makes me happy and then there will be lots of good choices." Kid one: "Hey don't you remember what dad said? We aren't supposed to do that." Kid two: "So dad is at work and Jess can't hear very good, no one will know." "That's it! I'm done with school now that I can read sight … [read more]

ADHD Homework


Tonight was filled with ADHD homework. If you have never experienced ADHD homework you are missing out! Let me set the scene! First, you need an adorable boy child. Then you need the homework. Three or four sheets of kindergarten homework pages is sufficient. Trust me! It is in fact about 2 pages to many! Now that you have the kid and the homework you obviously must do the homework in the evening. Keep in mind anytime after 5:45 is in what I call the tornado season. See you … [read more]

Baby on the way

Fat, bloated, exhausted, crabby. Yep all signs of pregnancy. It's official folks, our cat, Lucy Corndog is expecting a litter of kittens! I had been wondering for a few days if she was pregnant and then the hubs confirmed it. Hubs: "Hey I just picked Lucy up and her nipples are sticking out. So I think you are right about her being pregnant." Me: "Uh you touched the cat's nipples?" Hubs: "I was picking her up to move her and just felt them. I didn't touch them. I felt them when … [read more]

His View


Last weekend I took Sylas K to the zoo. We are getting a new mountain lion cub at our zoo and there is a contest going to pick the name. There are five names to pick from and people can vote by donation. The name with the most donations wins. Sylas is obsessed with naming the cub Wally. I've explained to him over and over that Wally isn't really the likely name to win but he is determined to make it happen. He even offered to donate his whole cup full of change to the Wally naming mission. Since … [read more]

The Crappy Car Saga

I told you all about my crappy trip to Wal-Mart that ended with my trunk lid slamming down on my head. What I didn't tell you was that the faulty trunk lid is the least of my worries with my crappy car. My car is a nightmare! First I will tell you we do have one good vehicle. It's reliable and safe and lovely and I let my husband drive it. I let him drive it because the majority of the time he is transporting our kids. The way our work schedules are it makes more sense for him to drop off and … [read more]

6 Lessons in 6 Years


My Sylas K is 6 years old today!!! Dear Sylas K- It's been 6 years since you entered this world and changed my life forever. So many people have said things to me like, "He is lucky to have you for a mom." What those people don't realize is how amazingly blessed I am to be your mama! It is the best job I have ever had. You have taught me so much about myself and the world in the 6 years we have been together. I can't imagine a single day without your smile, laugh, or love! Here are 6 of … [read more]

Back In Business


Oh my goodness folks we are back in business!  After 6 very long days of the blog being down things are now up and running again! Can you say withdrawals!  What a miserable week!  No blog, no free therapy for me.  Makes for a very sad mama.  There are still some bloggy glitches that I'm working out.  If you happen to stumble across broken links or anything odd please leave me a comment.  This has been such a frustrating process but I'm hoping that I can get things all straightened out by the … [read more]