A song

Saturday my mom would have turned 66 years old. It's hard for me to imagine that. But in usual fashion we tried to fill the day with things she would

Lily camping

Vacation Lessons

A couple of weeks ago Sylas K and I took a vacation. Originally I thought he would be out of school for a couple days for parent teacher conferences.


What is in your file

Recently a prominent member of our community passed away. It was my responsibility to gather information for a story about the individual. I thought


Tour of board meetings

What a night! Some people around these parts were watching a baseball game tonight. I did a tour of board meetings. Covered one for work and then hit


Homeschool begins

We have taken the leap into homeschooling and so far so good! Last week was pretty scattered with me doing my own thing and winging it. Going from no


The boy is back

My Sylas K is back home! Thank goodness this was a short stay. I'm so thrilled he is filling my house up with laughter and silliness. I missed that


Dog depression

Dog depression? I would have laughed if someone would have told me that dogs get depressed. That is until this weekend. I officially have a depressed